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Carmen Olazanal Sustainable Ecommerce

Everyone loves ordering things online, and many people do a significant amount of their shopping online in the modern era. One problem that many don’t think about is how e-commerce businesses ship their items. Most large companies use materials that are not environmentally friendly, and this means that there are questions about the overall sustainability of these packages. Could e-commerce become sustainable, or is that a mere pipe dream?

Some Companies Are Doing Things Differently

Some companies in the e-commerce world are attempting to do things differently. You will find that there is a push to use sustainable packaging solutions among many companies. Large brands are looking into sustainable options, and startup companies are making sustainability a focal point. Most businesses know that using recycled materials for packaging is a better overall option.

Why Packaging Can Be Dangerous

Packaging can be dangerous because of just how much of it there is. In America alone, billions of packages are shipped each year. These packages make use of materials such as cardboard, and they also ship things in plastic bags. Most boxes are made out of materials that are harmful to the environment, and most of these materials are difficult to recycle.

Taking a Look at Sustainability Efforts

As mentioned earlier, most companies are looking into how to become more sustainable. These efforts include some of the largest e-commerce companies requiring vendors to adopt new and more sustainable packaging standards. This is becoming a big issue due to the numbers indicating that online shopping will continue to rise. It’s expected that the e-commerce industry will double within a decade, and there will be even more packages being shipped.

Solutions on the Horizon

There are potential solutions to the problems that e-commerce companies face. For example, people are working on sustainable packages that are made out of cornstarch. Packaging materials such as this can break down within six months. Others are working on materials that will be easily recyclable.

These e-commerce companies understand that they have a responsibility to look into sustainable packaging options. Many solutions are being worked on, and it won’t take long for these new ideas to be implemented. It should lead to a much safer e-commerce experience that won’t have as much of a negative impact on the environment.